8. How to draw the Bow String

The bow is a musical instrument, and its sound is made manifest in the string.

The bow-string is a big thing, but the arrow touches only one point on it, and all the archer’s knowledge and experience should be concentrated on that one small point.

If he leans slightly to the right or to the left, if that point is above or below the line of fire, he will never hit the target.

Therefore, when you draw the bow-string, be like a musician playing an instrument.

In music, time is more important than space; a group of notes on a line means nothing, but the person who can read what is written there can transform that line into sounds and rhythms.

Just as the archer justifies the existence of the target, so the arrow justifies the existence of the bow: you can throw an arrow with your hand, but a bow without an arrow is no use at all.

Therefore, when you open your arms, do not think of yourself as stretching the bow. Think of the arrow as the still centre and that you are trying to bring the ends of bow and bow-string closer together.

Touch the string delicately; ask for its cooperation.